Total Concept

Fundamental Corporate Philosophy

IC TECHNO are united in our commitment to protect the environment, conserve resources and ensure that all of our corporate activities are conducted with concern for the global environment based on the next policy.

Policy of Conduct

We recognize that environmental conservation is an essential aspect of all corporate.

  • Activities, and make every effort to reduce environmental pollution and to improve corporate activities continuously.
  • We comply with all laws and regulations on environmental impacts such as waste generated by business activities, and constantly strive to reduce these environmental impacts.
  • We works on the following items, as an environmental emphasis theme of protection among the environmental impacts that are related our activity, product and service.

Environmental Theme

  • Reduction of the electricity use
  • Reduction of an industrial waste
  • Reduction of the product deficiency generating number
  • PET bottle cap recovery activity
  • Education activities, such as cleaning around a factory

Our strategy


・Responding to customer needs quickly
・Appropriate cost


・Keeping 5S
・Eliminating waste
・Smiles and greetings
・Ensuring quality and deadlines are met


Total Concept

Optical Resin Laminator

In domestic, of course, the product developed in our company is receiving high evaluation as its-own-brand products in overseas.
And our sales are being developed is developed to the countries in Europe and America, Southeast Asian nations which include South Korea, Taiwan, and China now.
We will make an effort in full scale as a company in the performance and the price aspect to make the product which is not defeated at the other organization of a like nature.
And we will devote ourselves to the development of a new technology in the future, and to leap to the world.
We promise to make an effort to be able to provide a satisfactory product more cheaply in future for user.

Super exact processing, assembling

With development of the innovation, in the future industry, it is certain that the precision demand becomes stronger and stronger in a super exact processing and assembling technology.
In our company, We make use of the technique that we cultivated in semiconductor-fabrication equipment in these fields, and will be challenging the limit of super precision.
Moreover, it makes an effort to satisfy the user's demand.

Design and the production of the automatic and robotic machine

Recently, changes of products is intense in the industry and and the demand of "Delivery date", "Quality", and "Price" intensely becomes very severe, and the correspondence is needed.
Because our company makes the best use of abundant results and the experiences, and has the technology and the manufacturing capacity that can promptly correspond to users' needs, it is sure that customers can certainly be satisfied.

President of IC TECHNO Masashi Fujimoto

Certified:KES Environmental Management System Standard step2 No.KES2-HI-0104
Certified:KES Environmental Management System Standard step2 No.KES2-HI-0104