Technical Information
Fine technology
of super micro
and assembly
Precise XYZ axis, Exposure equipment, welding machine, washing machine, and inspection machine, etc. are assembled and OEM is supplied to a Japanese famous enterprise.
display module
We produce the COG bonder, the COF bonder, laminator of ACF, and panel lighting device not equipped IC with COG panel etc.
Development and
design and
fabrication of
automatic and
robotic machine
We have important achievements as a manufacturer of the SMT mounter, and delivery aligning, inspecting, and equipping machine of quartz oscillator eat.
Fine processing
Super-fine vacuum nozzle
the adsorption nozzle of the BGA Handa-ball repair head can be produced.
(pitch: 150μm Handa-ball diameter φ60μm adsorption hole diameter 40μm)

Fine processing technology
Optical resin
coating technology
Sample that is coated optical resin
Sample that is circularly-coated optical resin on liquid crystal panel by our device, and laminated cover lens of the glass

Optical resin coating technology