IAB-15 FOG Bonding Machine

FOG BONDER "IAB-15" is a device that carry out main bonding FPC and PCB(that have already had ACF attached) controlling the pressurizing power, the pressurizing time, and the temperature by the heat tool.

It also can heat-bond ACF with FPC or PCB temporarily.

However, the operator has to execute a location determination, drawing out, cutting, and temporary fixation of ACF.

It is possible to install the XYθ stage and the expansion camera for the alignment by the option.

IAB-15 FOG Bonding Machine
Pressurizing power 1,245N (about 127Kgf)
Pressurizing time 0.1-99.9sec (set unit 0.1sec)
Heating temperature RT-400℃ (set unit 1℃)
Size of heat tool Max. W=2㎜ L=150㎜