MIB-0 Simple Heat Bonding Machine

MIB-0 Simple Heat Bonding Machine is a device that can easily connect the ACF joint and the heat tool.

And it can heat-bond controlling the welding force, the pressurizing time, and the temperature.

Because it is light and compact, heat-bonding is possible everywhere.

It is possible to carry and use only by 100V power supply, installing the cover and the compressor of the option.

*It is possible to install the XYθ stage and the expansion camera for the alignment by the option.

MIB-0 Simple Heat Bonding Machine
Pressurizing power 322N (about 33Kgf)
Pressurizing time 0.1-99.9sec (set unit 0.1sec)
Heating temperature RT-350℃ (set unit 1℃)
Size of heat tool Max. W=2㎜ L=50㎜ (COG Type W=5㎜ L=30㎜)